Sex and Health

We never think that sex and health might have their effect on each other.

We think health is acquired with great efforts whereas sex is an effortless game that, at its best, is a necessary evil in life as such.

We do not play with our life.

We make it an effort.

Or, even if we play, we play it like a match that is supposed to be any cost.

And the cost humanity has paid for it, is a bit too much toward the higher side, taxing a lot, our health!

We think playing is irresponsible whereas making effort is a responsible act; and hence, we make an effort to win the game we play.

Let me answer you the question I kept asking you in the three articles titled 'How to be Healthy', 'What Spoils Health' and 'Health and Sports' regarding there being a single game on earth that we do not ever plan winning at all, and still its passion never gets lost.