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People who belongs to fashion world knows “Saree” is a most famous and useable ladies dress in India and Bangladesh and even some areas of Pakistan. Popularity of this dress now way in new era’s, and this dress is becoming more and more popular. Lakshmipati Sarees are well reputed Sarees in India and even popular out of India. Lakshmipati has vast and diversify experience to develop this dress. Lakshmipati produced all types of sarees like; Casual Sarees, Bridal Sarees, Sarees for Party Wears, stylish Printed fancy sarees and seasonal stuff too. Lakshmipathi now bring out huge collection of printed casual and fancy sarees for New Year, you can select your favorite one from their official web page. This New Year 2011-2012 Collection of Lakshmipati Printed Sarees includes; fancy stuff, casual and party wears sarees. Lakshmipati  is well famous due to their designs and fabric stuff and their designs are one of the best saree designs in the world (According to my opinion). Let’s have a quick look on all these design of Lakshmipati New Year Collection 2011-12 of Printed Sarees.

This is an incredible design of printed party wear saree, the design consists of large flowers in multicolor shades with beautiful branches having colored leaves which looks incredible and awesome. Saree blouse has simple design with small tiny objects array presenting reasonable design. Reddish purple color fabric looks so perfect for this design. 

This Lakshmi-pati saree is a perfect evening party wear saree dress because it has perfect color scheme and fantastic design. Saree blouse has wide square shape pattern with half sleeves. Saree pallu has incredible design which is perfect creation of designer, designer use multicolor scheme and put all colors in a beautiful management, the whole design is just awesome. The strip work on edges of sleeves and saree pallu is adding more beauty to the design and outfit.

Color combination is most important thing while developing a design, this casual and party wear printed saree of lakshmipati has inconceivable color blueprint with creative designing work. The whole dress is looking marvelous and fantastic. Sleeve fewer blouses in V shape neck pattern looking hot with casual saree outfit. Saree pallu has two color base ground, having two different types of designing mechanism, and showing two phases of life. This is simply superb and fantastic.

This Lakshmipati party wear saree is one of the best and fashionable articles of Stylish New Year Collection. Two color fabric providing base for blow up design. Bell bottom wearing style of saree is well famous now days and the printed design matches to the wearing technique and seems a part of that era. Shoulder less tiny blouse is in fashion now days but only for party wear sarees.

This Lakshmipati printed saree has beautiful printed design along with fancy blouse. Sleeve less blouse has strip hanging downwards and looking beautiful. Saree pallu has amazing leaf design which looking beautiful. 

This modern saree design is a symbol of excellent work of Lakshmipati Sarees. Blouse has fantastic modern design. Printed Saree pallu has beautiful fancy work which looks perfect and awesome. For evening parties this should be a perfect dress.

Laksmipati New Year Collection of Printed Sarees includes lots of beautiful and incredible saree dresses which have fantastic designs, the following some saree dresses has different designs, color schemes, patterns and outfits which varies in different categories. One can choose from these saree dresses for herself easily. All the designs have one thing common and that is “Designing with small objects”. Small objects designs are really demanding in this winter season, so according to the market demand Lakshmipati designed these perfect designs for their customers. All saree dresses have beautiful outfits with variety of blouse styles includes, sleeve less, shoulder less and strip based blouse with, “v”, round neck and square shaped neck styles. All the designs also have beautiful color schemes and the saree patterns are also according to the new demanding outfits.

Winter season is famous as wedding season in South Asia, especially in India and Pakistan.  So for this wedding season, Lakshmipati 2011-12 Collection has beautiful fancy printed sarees for wedding parties and functions. All these sarees are fancy but less expensive. Color scheme of all these sarees is truly according to the functions of wedding. Designs are simple and fantastic with variety of blouse and outfit styles. Some of these fancy sarees also have fancy embroidered and strip work which looks fabulous. You can buy these sarees from official website of Lakshmipati Saree by Online Store. 

Fashion Designing is an open era where everyone can take part. Dress designing now becomes a great and attractive field and lots of new comers now comes forward to give challenge to the giants of this industry. Monica Saigol is also one of them; she is a very good dress designer who works in a unique and new style. Here we have some beautiful dress collection of Monica Saigol that she have.
Monica designed lots of dresses for party wear, wedding and also for brides. Following dresses are for bride or you can say these bridal dresses.

This very beautiful bridal dress by monica saigol is one great example of her talent and hardworking. The dress has beautiful work combination which includes Zari work, fancy strip work and nice embroidery. This Lehnga Choli is looking gorgeous with such a nice embroidery design. Wide “V” shape neck style with extra short sleeves looking different but attractive. Fancy strip is being used at borders of neck style and at sleeves. Blouse outfit is also awesome and according to the incoming fashion.

This saree is a most beautiful and demanding dress. Monica Saigol did very great work on it. Just have a look on it and you will feel actually happy because the color scheme is so perfect and superb. Apart from color scheme the design is also awesome. Saree pallu border has fancy embroidered strip, nourished with motif and stars. Strip has very beautiful and attractive array of flowers which gives fabulous design to the saree. Blouse is in casual and regular format with slight change in neck style. Semi “V” shape neck style looking beautiful with sort half sleeves. The work on blouse is really nice and expensive.

Following dresses can use for wedding parties because these have beautiful fancy embroidery and accessory work. This saree pallu has golden strip at border which gives this a fancy look. Small piece of embroidered tattoos are being used on saree pallu to nourish this dress and to make this fancy. Blouse is in casual and regular format having both strip and zari work on it. Motif and stars are also being used on it. The dress is perfect for wedding parties especially for married womens.

This black saree 2010-2011 design has beautiful lower border build on two piece technique. The scheme and the colors both are very attractive and the whole design looking amazing. Simple V shaped blouse with short half sleeves looks attractive with such style. Sea green fabric color of blouse has silver color work of thread embroidery and strip work which looks perfect and awesome.
This fancy saree dress is perfect for wedding parties because it has beautiful work on it. Combination of stars, motifs, golden and silver thread embroidery work make this dress more beautiful and expensive. The design of blouse is also perfect and new. Loose in length, this blouse has a beautiful design from back side which is really common in Saree blouse styles.

This is an attractive, beautiful and simply gorgeous dress for parties. One can use this dress casually as well. Beautiful round shape neck style has leaf style in the middle which is being nourished with beautiful solver thread embroidery at front. The whole style looks perfect. A casual and traditional look is in this dress shines which attracts others.

Following beautiful dresses by Monica Saigol can be used as casual wears or can wear in some parties as well. All the collection of Monica Saigol is superb and stylish. To view more please visit official page of Monica Saigol.

South Asian dresses gradually gain fans in West and mostly girls really likes South Asian dresses and designs. Western designers build South Asian dresses according to the western traditions and styles. South Asian dresses like Saree, Lehnga and Shalwar Kameez are being modified in West to style them differently. Here we have some western styles of Kurti (Shalwar kameez) for you which have completely new look and designs according to the modern stylish trend .

This noteworthy chooridar shalwar kameez is in western style. Design of fabric is just fabulous and stroking. Sleeve less tight fit long kurti pattern of kameez is most famous outfit in west for chooridar shalwar kameez. Designer gives an extra Western touch to the dress and use thin fabric strip at bust and at lower border which looks gorgeous. 

This printed kurti in West is wearing like a skirt. This skirt shaped kurti has loose casual length with umbrella outfit which looks so beautiful. Sleeve less pattern of kurti influenced by Western culture. This Western Kurti has wide V shape neck style modernly designed. Use of strip like a belt is a good stylish addition to the dress. 

Western girls influenced by sensational South Asian dresses due to beauty and combination of colors. South Asian dresses are more colorful than Western dresses even though they are casual and routine dresses. This Sensational Chooridar Shalwar kameez is very famous in west due to some western modifications in it. Neck style is purely based on Western designs. One shoulder less style is very common in western outfits but rarely in South Asian dresses. This superb Kurti has beautiful design with min blowing western outfit is really got number of fans in West.

Another same style outfit is front of you. The outfit and pattern is same but the design and fabric is different. This can be wear in summer season because the stuff is light weight and the color scheme is also lighter.

In West, South Asian kaamdar (Embroidered) dresses are also very famous but not too much embroidered. This slightly embroidered and strip worked chooridar shalwar kameez is best for Western Sout Asian chicks. Sleeveless kurti has beautiful strip and embroidery work at bust and at lower border of the kameez which makes this dress fancier. 

This dazzling chooridar Shawlar Kameez dress purely have Western outfit. Just look at Kurti and you will notice western blouse style at neck of the kameez. The short pattern of kurti looks like a semi frock type kurti which is fabulous. Sleeve less kameez pattern have wide and long V shape neck style based on Western demand.

This dazzling and dreamy outfit is purely based on Western culture. This is just like a short kurti or an open coat having long and wide collar, can be wear with skirt and trouser as well. Beautiful strip work with stylish collar is just amazing and fabulous. All these western dresses are taken from official website of just for sharing latest trend.

Shalwar Kameez Fashion in winter is so common and its reliable and sizzling when use with shawl. Here we are with some brand new designs of shalwar kameez relevant to winter season. All the stuff is superb and implausible for winter. Designs are really superb and you will like all these. This latest Shalwar kameez trend gives comfort to wear in winter season. So let’s have a look on dashing designs of Winter Shalwar Kameez Umbrella Designs.

This is a fancy colorful winter shalwar kameez with beautiful design and outfit. Long umbrella kameez with chooridar shalwar in matching color looks so pretty. Kameez has V shape neck style with collar; long sleeves have cuffs of different color fabric. Strip border at lower bottom of umbrella kameez looks so beautiful. Fabulous flower embroidery is being done at kameez and doppatta as well.

This shalwar kameez Trend is just awesome and really fit for winter parties like wedding, anniversary etc. The work of strip and lace on kameez enhances the beauty of kameez. Round shape neck style is being developed in such a fabulous way and designing is being done around the bust. Full sleeve pattern looks very common in winter so designer use this. Beautiful lace work on bust, neck, cuffs and at lower border of kameez is really superb and looks so pretty. Frock type kameez with slim fit shalwar is a part of our theme today and the dress has this possession.

Fancy Umbrella Kameez with chooridar shalwar in red color is purely a dress for wedding parties. Loose fit umbrella kameez have simple lining pattern of design but very attractive this is. Readymade embroidered tattoos of flowers are being fixed on sleeves and at lower part of the kameez. V shape neck style with full sleeve pattern is common in all dresses. You can change the color of dress but the design will possess the same look in other colors as well.

This is a fabulous min blowing creation of designer. Black color fabric has red and golden color embroidery work which looks so pretty. The design is just awesome and too good for bridal parties. Long semi umbrella kameez pattern with chooridar shalwar is slightly being modified in this dress. V shape neck style with full sleeves has Lace at border and cuffs which looks so perfect with the theme of the dress. Red readymade roses gives more beauty to the dress.

Beauty in white; if we title this dress like, than it can’t be wrong. This dress has some cultural work on neck and at bust. Doppata is also being nourished with beautiful work of lace and embroidery. Embroidery at neck style looks so pretty. Umbrella type kameez with chooridar shalwar in white color is a simple but decent dress for this winter season. You can buy easily these dresses from official website of cbazaar. She9 take these images just for sharing Latest Salwar Kameez Fashion in Umbrella Designs.
Gul Ahmed is a well known and advanced Textile manufacturer, produces variety of products like cloth, home textile and commercial manufacturing of made ups. Gul Ahmed clothing designs is well famous and Gul Ahmed always produced quality of fabric with beautiful designs. Gul Ahmed ladies wear collection always appreciated in fashion industry and almost all big dress designers works with Gul Ahmed designs. Today we are putting some dashing Gul Ahmed designs on dashboard deals with winter clothing. This Gul Ahmed Winter Collection is superb and best as sizzling clothing.

This winter season Gul Ahmed fabricates awesome designs with a variety of warm cloth. This is a superb design, a part of Gul Ahmed Winter Collection. Design consists of small and large floral scheme with some beautiful border work. Design at doppatta has some tiny objects pattern which gives classic touch to the design. Mustered color scheme looks so pretty. Dress is being stitched according to the latest trend. A one sided over locked long kurti with full sleeve pattern looks amazing with casual shalwar.

This superb design is a part of cultural ethnic of Gul Ahmed Winter Collection 2010-2011. This design is persuaded by Mughal Culture. Design is really awesome and has beautiful color scheme as well. Reddish flowers on a grey color background make this design really awesome and classic. Sleeve less long kurti with chooridar pajama was a cultural dress of Mughals. This outfit has some beautiful and considerable changes according to the new fashion trends. Square shape close neck style is really good and awesome and has some embroidery work which enhances the quality of this Winter Collection of Gul Ahmed 2010-11.

This is a simple but attractive Gul Ahmed Winter season design. Design consists of beautiful floweral design at bust prolong towards the below. Border style have colorful scheme which looks so pretty. Full Sleeve pattern with V shape neck style gives this a modern clothing touch. Long kurti with casual shalwar is a part of trend now.

Dark color scheme always work in winter season. This dress is a part of Gul Ahmed Autumn Collection and has dull look. This dress can wear in evening and night parties as well. The dress also has some fancy look. Design is really beautiful and shows the designers thinking. Full Sleeve outfit with ban (Collar) style neck pattern looks so pretty with casual long kurti.

This Gul Ahmed winter design is really awesome and designed for parties especially for bridal parties. Design is really charming and gives attractive look even the color scheme is dull. Fancy design always preferred to wear in parties. Design is awesome but the outfit is really matches with this design. Modern style dress has open kurti like a coat and the shirt is being bond with trouser which gives modern look to the dress. Sleeve less pattern with fancy and stylish neck style also looks so pretty.

This is a special dress of winter collection of Gul Ahmed. The dress is absolutely being design according to the need of stylish and fancy dress especially for a bridal. The design of Gul Ahmed really suits and gives margin to do some fancy work on this. Designer really did well and makes this dress really fancy. Modern shape neck style with full sleeves looks so accurate with long open kurti style.

Following designs have lawn design but on sizzling fabric. All the dresses are being stitched according to the modern techniques and trends. All design has beautiful color scheme floral designs as well. The dresses are being stitched according to the latest fashion. All the dresses are fit for early winter days. You can buy these dresses from official website of GulAhmed
Sana and Safinaz design for the quintessential Asian woman. Their creation are different from Indian designers yet they bear a Strong Eastern influence. Over the years, the girls added bridal wear, diffusion and pret to what was earlier, only haute couture. Today, in collaboration with a textile mill, they produce a retail line that allows the brand to reach into every home. 
The Sana Safinaz Bridal Collection is designed for the elegant and sophisticated. It comes in an array of styles and with unique cuts that dramatize any occasion while fusing the traditional and modern with refined embellishments. Here we are going to Signifying some Brilliant collection of Bridal Dresses from Sana Safinaz embroidered collection. All these Sana Safinaz Collection includes Gowns, Kaftans, Open-Shirts, Sharara, Bridal Lehenga and many more. Lets have a look.

Now a days Sana Safinaz take his next step step in embroidery Collection by taking a separate identity of Bridal collection for this wedding season. Gharara is old fashion but now a days it is again come with a lot of inspire passion. This Gharara in pink color have classic work of embroidery. The Dupata of the dress also have heavy embroidery work. The fitness of the Gharara is superb and you may also say that it's a fish tail gharara style. These types of dresses are highly appropriated in modern wedding parties as Classic Bridal Dress.

First time in Asian Bridal dresses we noticed Open-Shirt Bridal Dress in Sana Safinaz Bridal Collection 2010-2011. It is really a brilliant idea for bridal dress. This dresses have modern work of embroidery and have sharp and decent color giving a new look for brides.

It's may be a Double Shirt dress with Lehenga. This Double-Shirt embroidered Dresses also come in Brilliant Bridal Collection of Sana Safinaz. This Double Shirt dress have completely new look for brides and designed by taking in mind the upcoming and modern trend of brides. The embroidery is giving prominent impression in light sea-green color.  

It's may be a Step Dress style. Now a days sleeveless dresses are highly appreciated as bridal dress. This bridal step-dress in sleeveless style have streps and following the western culture. This Step-dress in Magenta and dark magenta color have classic floral embroidery. The Step-Dress Fashion is a western bridal fashion but Sana Safinaz may presents this western cultural dress by giving South Asian touch of embroidery and traditional color. This dress is giving stunning impression with lehenga.

It's also a form of open shirt style of bridal collection looking gorgeous in light and dark pink contrast. This dress have beautiful classic embroidery work on open-shirt with lehenga dress. 

Traditional bridal dress is always uncompleted without lehenga and choli. This bridal lehenga choli in light grey color have brilliant work of embroidery. The choli of this dress is sleeveless and have strep neck line design. Mostly chic brides like these types of bridal dresses who covers the tradition with modern fashion.

Gown is a western bridal fashion but now a days This western fashion is rapidly adopted in South Asian Counties specially Pakistan and India. All these Bridal dress Collection are taken from Official website of Sana Safinaz just for sharing the Bridal Dress trend.

In South Asia especially in India and Pakistan Shalwar Kameez is a famous and most wearing dress of boys and girls. In girls clothing salwar kameez has lots of beautiful styles and patterns, traditionally has beautiful designs and outfits. Today here at she9 platform we will deliver to you some beautiful Umbrella Shalwar Kameez styles. All the designs are fancy so one can wear these designs in parties as well.

This full sleeve umbrella kameez has beautiful silk fabric and the design as well. Simple collar style round neck pattern with slim fit full sleeve style looks so beautiful. Design consists of colorful thread lining embroidery and at the nodes designer developed a beautiful flower. Both sleeves also have single flower. Beautiful cuffs has colorful thread scheme which looks fancy.

Sharp color dresses always are being liked in winter season, this Umbrella Kameez with Pajam (Tight Fit Trouser) also has sharp purple color scheme which looks so beautiful and attractive. Beautiful outfit also has superb style and designing at Umbrella Kameez. Collar style V shape neck style with full sleeves looks fabulous. Wide strip cuff style also looks so beautiful. Thread embroidery and fancy flowers are being used as accessories to nourish this beautiful Umbrella Kameez.

This loose pattern Umbrella Kameez looks so gorgeous with slim fit chooridar pajama. This dress is a most wearing outfit in this category. Full sleeve outfit looks so beautiful with long kameez / long kurti. Beautiful and colorful flowers are being embroidered to develop design at bust. Same sort of designed strip is being used at bottom border of Umbrella Kameez.

This beautiful fancy and colorful umbrella kameez looks so amazing with churidar pajama. Due to its design, fancy accessory and pattern this can be used in wedding parties as well. Latest modern stylish work at cuffs and at neck style made this beauty. Fabric has stylish colorful design which enhances the beauty of this umbrella kameez.

This casual loose fit Umbrella pattern is truly casual wearing. The Umbrella Kameez has little fancy work and design at lower part of this Umbrella frock. Full sleeve style with round neck pattern looks good as well with this casual patterned umbrella frock.

This Umbrella frock has fancy embroidery work at lower part, while the rest of dress has thread lining scheme design which looks so fabulous. Full sleeve pattern with round shape neck style looks simple but attractive. Embroidered design is so beautiful and gives fancy look. 
All the images of Umbrella Frock (Kameez) and shalwar are being taken from If you want to buy some of these designs, visit their official website

Parties play an important role in social life of an individual and if he/she belongs to any professional sector than it becomes vital to prosperous for the betterment of society. In parties people specially noticed you in order to understand you and your nature, they noticed your way to communicate, your thoughts and feelings and most importantly you’re dressing. Dressing reveals your personality traits and it shows your likeness, dislikes and many more important things that people want to know about you.
Women keep their dressing up to date and according to trend and fashion. Cultural and modern both types of dresses can be wear in parties but if one dress gives you both benefits than why not wear such.
Today we will presents some gorgeous prints and styles of Indian Sarees those can be wear in any type of parties.

This gorgeous simple silk saree can wear in wedding parties because the style and color scheme suits. Simple short length blouse has half sleeve pattern. Casual outfit of saree gives this a splendid look with little embroidery work at border. Silver built-in embroidery stylish tiny objects on fabric also give shiny look to the Indian saree dress.

This Indian saree designs has beautiful work of motif and zaree, which makes this weding dress. Modern and stylish shoulder less saree blouse looks so beautiful with this Indian Saree for party. Fish tail outfit is being preferred by the designer for this Indian Saree for parties. 

Following Indian Party-wear Sarees are the best fit for wedding parties for married girls. Both the Indian sarees have modern look and fancy embroidery work with different type of modern blouse style. Both off white and red colors are the most demanding colors in Indian saree dresses.

This superb style of saree can be use in wedding and anniversary parties as well. The style and the design of saree fabric is looking so pretty and worth stylish. Color scheme of this Indian saree for parties is also superb.
Sleeve less blouse with round neck style has casual length which looks good. Saree pallu has splendid style and design along with thread embroidery of different color looks so pretty. Lace strip at lower border of saree pallu gives uniqueness of style to this Indian Saree dress for parties.

This cultural modern outfit looks amazing. Designer modified this Indian Cultural design and outfit according to the new and latest style. Multi color rajhastani design and outfit of this saree can be wearing in wedding parties and also in some cultural celebrations. V shape neck style saree blouse has sleeve less pattern.

This gorgeous Indian Saree can be wear in night parties. It is simple but still attractive. Fish skin style looks so gorgeous and decent. Silver lace strip having floweral design is being used as a border to nourish these Indian Sarees for party. Shoulder less simple and small saree blouse is being paired with this Indian Saree by the designers.

This black Indian Saree can be used in night parties, wedding and birthday parties, because it is gorgeous and gives simple casual look. This Indian Saree also has some thread embroidery work of different color at the border of saree which gives amazing look to this Indian Saree. Modern and stylish pattern of blouse is being paired with this beautiful Indian Saree.

This black silk Indian saree is best fit for night parties. Saree has beautiful flowers embroidered on the fabric which gives colorful and attractive look to this Indian Saree. V shape stylish neck style along sleeve less blouse style looks so beautiful.

Following modern and stylish Indian sarees can be wear in Mehndi, and different type of cultural parties organizes to have fun. All the Indian Sarees have different type of styles and outfits with gorgeous and stylish looks and color schemes.
This black Indian saree has modern type of blouse style which looks so amazing and beautiful. Saree design is also superb.

This casual style and outfit Indian saree is best as a mendhi occasion dress because it has favorite color and style.

Modern shaped blouse style looks so pretty as well. Collar style looks amazing with sleeve less pattern. The Indian saree has beautiful embroidery work as well. All these Indian saree designs are taken from cbazaar just for sharing latest Indian Saree fashion

Gul Ahmed is become of one of the best platform of fashion which always provide latest and upcomming trends not only for ladies but also for men & children. In previous Catalog and Magazine Issues Gul Ahmed Introduced best designs of Trouser Salwars, Umbrella frocks, Gowns, Kurti stylish salwar kameez and many more. GulAhmed always introduced quality, not only in fabrics but aslo in designs and fashion. Because every new season issue of the GulAhmed is always brilliant.
In this GulAhmed Fall 2010-11 Collection Gul Ahmed introduced new designs by following the new and upcoming trend. Like new designs of gowns, open shirt, trouser salwar, Umbrella Kameez, frocks, Churidar Salwar, Pariala Dresses and many more, according to the upcoming winter. All these GulAhmed Winter 2010-11 Collection are really gorgeous and stylish. 

In this Premium Gul Ahmed  2010-11 Autumn Collections Gul Ahmed Introduced some stunning additions in his categories, some of them are cultural with classic, Royals, Casual with styles and western designs for eastern and west peoples. Lets have a look…..

Latest open-shirt design in Gul Ahmed latest Fall 2010-11 edition. This GulAhmed stylish Fall Dress has beautiful open kurti like (Ladies Sherwani) which have beautiful thread embroidery on neck-line and shoulder. This Gul Ahmed kurti is giving modern look with trouser salwar. After churidar and Patiala salwar Trouser salwar is mostly adopted by every chic girl. The dress designer also take in mind the trend of fitness dress, that’s why this dress is also in straight fitting of the model body. These types of dresses can wear as stylish and modern casual wear in college or friendly parties in this Fall / Winter 2010-2012.

In this Fall 2010 collection GulAhmed introduced Hand made type designs of neck line. Both these gulahmed dresses have cultural colourful and decent thread embroidery on neck-line. These floral designs on neckline are looking gorgeous on these dresses and designed according to the modern fashion. These dresses are giving classic black impression.

Sinai Crepe (winter Collection)
Gown dresses are highly appreciated in all over the world especially for casual parties or window shopping. The gown dress culture is taken from western dresses but the Asian derringer introduced this trend with some cultural changes. The gown dresses will always look beautiful with wide-leg trouser salwar. Both these dresses have incredible floral patterns on the GulAhmed gown dress. These dresses are designed according to the Winter 2010-2012 fashion.
GulAhmed is best in khaddar fabric producing that’s why his Khadar Collections is highly appriciated in all over the world specially in Fall / Winter. That’s why GulAhmed again introduced Khaddar Collection in Embroidery designs. 
Channel the eccentricity of art’s cool crowd with neo-baroque prints, shades and a mesh of embroideries.. Its your perfect travelling companion.

Realm Fantasy
As wedding season starts at the end of the summer in all over the Asia that’s why In this Latest 2010-11 premium winter collection Gul Ahmed also introduced Bridal collection with embroidery work. These embroideries may contain Nakshi Dabki or motif work on neck line and Dupatta of the dresses is also very beautiful. This dresses may specially designed for bridal party wear and wedding parties.

Indulge in a play of soft textures as autumn’s favored hues grace this beige Kurta with an array of arty details…
Now a day’s long kurti fashion is very common, In this Premium 2010-2011 Collection, GulAhmed introduced some stylish kameez styles like kurti. Both dresses have attractive floral work on kurti and both are in full sleeve patterns due to Fall season. These dresses are looking gorgeous with trouser salwar. These types of dresses are mostly like as casual party wear.

Bright Sparks
Embrace the high voltage, exuberant hues of Autumn/ Winter ‘10
Exquisite Elegance (OLTENIA Premium Winter Collection)
Filled with wearable & versatile piece in the season’s favourite shades, GulAhmed’s autumn/Winter ’10 Collection embodies the quintessentially glamorous style that’s so en vogue now!.
GulAhmed is never remains back in embroidery collection. That’s why in this brilliant latest Autumn 2010-2011 collection GulAhmed introduced some gorgeous designs of embroidery contains cultural, stylish and mughalia style. All these stylish embroidery dresses are designed by following the latest cultural trend of wedding parties.

Intense Luxury
Embrace this season’s womanly allure in sensuous, rich hues & opulent embroideries.
In this Premium GulAhmed Autumn 2010-2011 collection all the embroidery designs are following the culture of the south Asia specially India and Pakistan. These dresses are following the mughalia and Royal cultural embroideries, like kurti style, churi pajama, embroidery work and dupatta culture. I was really impressed to see these cultural dresses for winter.

Sinai Crepe (Winter Collection)
Fresh for fall add a refreshing vibe to your autumn wardrobe with our beautifully textured Crepe… This linear design adds an intersting, contemporary feel to your fall dressing…
Now a days Teen age / Chic girls preferred Gown or long kurti with trouser salwar. That’s why Gul Ahmed also include loosy / wide leg trouser salwar in his Autumn 2010-12 dresses series.

Corduroy (Premium Winter Collection)
Embrace a mystical interplay of enhanting Black and scarlet-hued retro circles.
Indulge in winter’s fashion frenzy with our premium corduroy range available nationwide at all IDEAS and GulAhmed Exclusive Stores.
In this GulAhmed Autumn Dress the Gown dress is looking gorgeous with floral work on red background and most Chic impression is the belt edition. All these dresses are take from GulAhmed official website and She9 used its logo so that no one can copy this article. These dress are taken, just for sharing latest trend, regarding any copyright issue you can contact us.

The Nishat Group has been a leading business entity in South Asia. Nishat Mills was founded in 1951 and has grown to be a leading conglomerate in Pakistan, specialized in the high-quality production of yarn, greige fabrics, apparel fabrics and retail packed home textiles. Nishat Mills is now the largest, most modern, vertically-integrated textile mill in Pakistan, comparable to the superlative multinational facilities operating in the country when it comes to management and product quality. Nishat Linen prides itself on being the brand of preference for discerning customers who are in search of things, unique and chic. (Official Source).
Nishat Linen has strong brand image due to its quality fabric and uniqueness of style and design according to the latest trend and fashion line. In order to contribute in fashion world Nishat group made best practices and produced high quality fabric with dashing world level designs. Today I will introduce the latest designs of Nishat Linen for the current winter season of 2010-2011. Nishat Linen winter collection of 2010-2011 includes variety of colorful designs and famous trendy outfits of world level dresses.

Girls of this era are playing an important and key role for Pakistan economy and you can found them active in various kinds of fields especially in fashion industry. So in order to improve their personality and keep them up-to-date Nishat group plays a vital role. Following are the very best and gorgeous designs of Nishat Linen for 2010-2011 winter collection.
Shiny colors are very demanding for winter clothing due to the sun shine as dull colors also have their own importance, but to be shine in the shine of winter sun shine Nishat Linen will provide you the best, you are looking for.

This gorgeous design of Nishat Linen is one of the best designs of Nishat Linen 2010-2011 winter collection. The design consists of two color theme one is dull and the other is light which ultimately gives a strong and powerful look to the embedded design as well. Self embedded flowers on the fabric surface gives beautiful look to the dress. As far as the outfit is concern, this is an open long kurti coat designed gorgeously. Red color embroidery at the border of both sides of the open coat looks so impressive and the collar style award this a modern look.

Cool affectionate of this winter will bring with Nishat Linen winter collection of 2010-2011. This is a simplest but the best Nishat Linen design for this winter of 2010-2011. Simple chocolate color flowers are being fetched on light creamy color Nishat Linen fabric and this amazingly looks so elegant.
The dress has long casual kurti with wide chalwks paired with casual loose trendy wide bottom trouser. Reddish purple color lace is being used to nourish the lower bottom of kurti and to develop the V shape overlapped neck style. Kurti has half sleeves with cuffs.

Blue color always demanding in winters and for this winter of 2010-2011 Nishat provides shocking and twinkly blue color Nishat Linen design. Design has fetched and embedded shapes and flowers which give extraordinary look.
Dress is being designed on the same pattern as the above dress has. Same casual kurti paired with bell bottom trouser which is trendy. Round shape neck style is being developed with the best matched lace work which gives beautiful and strong look to the dress. 

Another dashing and incredible design of Nishat Linen from Nisha Linen Collection of 2010-2011 is front of you. The design is being developed in influence with Artistic work so one can title this design as Nishat Linen Artistic Design. Blue color shades and their combination dramatically give beautiful look.
The dress is being stitched according to the latest fashion trends. Sleeve less kurti pattern has V shaped wide neck style. Simple and casual sleeve less kurti is being paired with same color trendy bell bottom trouser.

Simple navy blue color design from Latest Nisha Collection of 2010-2011 winter seasons is front of you. Design has small objects which placed in a systematical way and brings gorgeous output in the form of beautiful design. This Latest Linen design is being used for the development of cultural dress because it suits this. Cultural design fabrics is being used as doppatta and the same fabric is being used at lower bottom of the kurti and to develop cuffs.
Simple long kurti outfit has round shape wide neck style with full bell bottom sleeves which has different style cuffs. 

Simple black color fabric is also the part of Linen Collection of 2011-2012 winter seasons. The fabric has softness and special thickness of Nishat Linen.
The dress is being stitched like a frock in fact it is frock. Round shape neck style with full sleeve pattern is very common in frock styles. You can use embroidered colorful doppatta with this gorgeous Nisha Linen black article.

Laetst Nisha Linen Designs of winter season 2010-2011 also has some fancy designs which can be used in parties such as wedding parties of this winter season.
This beautifully embroidered with thread work design of Nishat Linen can be used as wedding party dress because this has fancy look and stuff work. Design consists of very fine thread work and the floweral and leaf style is being fetched to give more shine to the dress.
Outfit of the dress is trendy and long kurti along with bell bottom trouser is being stitched. Full sleeve pattern along round shape neck style is being chosen. Beautiful and fancy embroidery is being done at bust to make this Nishat Linen design of winter season more beautiful.

Fashion repeats itself after some time. Nishat Linen Collection of winter season 2010-2011 also has some designs which influenced by the old fashion and designing techniques.
This dress has gorgeous leaf style design and has light embroidery work. Beautiful black and white embroidered Lace strip is being used at Neck style and bell bottom cuffs.
Long kurti has bell bottom sleeve pattern along with V shaped cultural neck style paired with bell bottom trendy trouser.

This design especially designed for cold season of this winter. Nishat Linen winter collection amazingly has something for everyone for every time period. Black color background has beautiful colorful tiny objects design which look so hot.
Long kurti has beautiful patch of embroidery that is being used to develop bust style at kameez. 

To wear casually the New Collection of Nishat Linen for fall 2010-2011 also has beautiful designs. The following design is superb and the best for casual dressing in this winter season. The dress consist of short kurti like shirt and an over coat which has half sleeves. Side borders of over coat are being designed with beautiful and colorful embroidered Lace strip. Over coat also has a strip belt to hold and tight it over the shirt.
Hope you will like our detailed analysis of New Designs of Nishat Linen for winter season 2010-2011, and will enjoy this winter season with Nishat Linen winter collection of 2010-2011.

Indian Shalwar Kameez dresses are very famous among girls due to its beauty. The dress consists of a Kameez (Kurti) which usually has normal length stitched according to pattern and a shalwar (tight / skinny / trouser). The dress has cultural and traditional values and worn by the queens in early ages of South Asia. Today we will present you some beautiful designs of Indian Ladies Shalwar Kameez dresses for upcoming winter season 2011-12. All these Salwar kameez dresses are brand new designs according to modern trend of winters season
As Diwali Festival in not far, So the designer also consider the festival of lights, Indian ladies will highly appreciate these salwar kameez designs.  Let’s have a look.

This alluring Winter Shalwar Kameez has beautiful floral design fabric of kameez and has beautiful Zig Zag design fabric of shalwar. The color combination is superb and attractive. Square shape neck style with black silk half sleeves looks so pretty with this color combination. Border at the bottom of kameez has beautiful embroidery which makes this Indian Chooridar Shalwar Kameez more beautiful.

Chic Art designs are the famous and the best designs for semi functional and casual dresses. This Chic Art Indian Churidar Shalwar Kameez is the best choice for party wear dress. Silver thread embroidery on chocolate color fabric looks so fantastic. Tight fit pattern of Kameez has full sleeves and V shape neck style fixed with collar. Fancy strip is being used as border at the bottom of kameez.

Short round fit kurti pattern is very common in winter clothing and this enthralling Ladies Salwar Kameez for Diwali has this. White chooridar salwar has black lining zig zag style and the kurti has modern shaped squared neck style developed with thin black fabric. Shirt collar is being used in this kurti and the half sleeve style looks pretty with this type of kurti.

This fancy type Indian Chooridar Shalwar kameez is best fit for seasonal and wedding parties in winter. The design and pattern is so perfect. Kurti has semi frock style with V shape neck style and have collar embedded with it. Fancy blowing style with hard color scheme looks so pretty.

This is superb style of  Shalwar kameez for winter season. Flower series in the design looks so accurate and the color scheme also best fit for winter. The pattern and the style of stitching have modern touch in it although the dress is cultural and traditional. A short open ladies coat has been embedded along the kurti which gives unique and fancy look to the Indian Chooridar Shalwar kameez.

Long shape round fitted kurti with chooridar shalwar is one of the best combinations of Indian Shalwar Kameez. Round shape neck style with short sleeve pattern looks pretty. Fancy Lace has been used to build border at cuffs and at the lower bottom of the kameez. Same sort of Lace has been used to develop the design at bust. Color scheme is best for winter season.

Semi frock style kurti with chooridar shalwar looks pretty and the design is also fabulous. The kurti has half sleeve scheme with round shape neck. Beautiful fancy lace is being used at bust design and at the lower border. The built-in design is good.

Striking colors are very common in winter clothing especially with some fancy work. This Indian Shalwar kameez has striking color scheme and the fabric has built-in fancy work which looks so beautiful. Long kurti with small side chalks is very common in winter clothing. Round shape neck with full sleeve pattern look balanced. Same sort of accessory is being used for the development of cuff, bust design and for the development of lower bottom border of kurti. All these dress designs are taken from cbazaar. If some one want to purchase these dresses please visit their official site.

Pakistani fabric has strong image in all over the world since first day, but now Pakistani fashion, clothing patterns and designs also getting more and more fans every day. Lots of well known companies, boutiques and individuals did lots of work to achieve that level. Shalimar Companies is one of them and has a superb brand named NEEDLEZ “NEEDLEZ by Shalimar”. The brand NEEDLEZ has interesting story from simple embroidery to excessive, exclusive and stylish fashion line. Founded in the year 2007, the company set a standard in the city by winning the middle and elite classes’ hearts first, then by opening two more branches in Lahore and Karachi and now by opening one in the nation’s capital, Islamabad. NEEDLEZ also has its PRETLINE called NEEDLEZ CONCEPTS, which is available in all outlets. NEEDLEZ work for quality and produce fine. Let’s have a look;

NeedLez designers always work for quality and they have a great success in that manner. You can visit NeedLez dress collection at their outlets located in Karachi, Lahore and Faisalabad, and you found them very best. They produce rich and costly dresses those have been used for bridal parties. The produce party wears, Bridal dresses along casual dresses.

You can categories this dress as Bridal dress and as well count these in the category of Party wear dress. The NeedLez dress has gorgeous outfit seems like a gown a moderate gown but at the same time this gives Look as Lehnga. You can say that this is a modern Bridal dress produced by the amalgamation of old, cultural and modern fashion trends. Sleeve less pattern has V shape neck style and has Umbrella outfit. Very costly motif and Zari work is being done along with beautiful embroidery. The design is just superb. In fact it is the best combination of fabric, design and embroidery work. Wavy style gives this old cultural touch while fit and tight outfit at belly gives western and modern touch. This is superb work and superb production.

The following dress designed especially for evening parties and you can say this Party Wear dress. Modern outfit has Long Sleeve less kurti along with loose bottom Shalwar which is trendy now days. Neck style also gives modern look and this dress would be very special in high elite class. The design is a main thing; superb design consists of lines and shapes scattered. Color scheme of that NeedLez dress is awesome and color is also very demanding. NeedLez designers are really working for customers. Bottom line strip has beautiful multicolor floweral design which contrasted over all color scheme of the stylish NeedLez Dress.

Another superb gown design and pattern among NeedLez Dress Collection is front of you. This NeedLez dress in fact designed for parties so another party wears article is here for you. The dress is basically constructed with the combination of blouse and Lehnga. The designers combine both and produce for Paki’s. The dress has beautiful floweral design at all and nourished with costly thread and motif work. Pattern is also so beautiful and demanding. Sleeve less pattern is so demanding now days especially for party wears. V shape over looped neck style pattern looks so beautiful. Embroidery work on lower side of the NeedLez dress so gorgeous. Modernly designed pattern along with local cultural embroidery and Zari work dress has everlasting strength in it.

Gowns are western dresses but within last 2 years these styles may introduced by GulAhmed but as Needlez Dresses are very fancy and touchy so Needlez introduce a huge variety of Gown dresses.

It's not only a sleeveless but also strapless gown looking gorgeous in silver and pink embroidery. The floral work on gown presenting that this dresses can wear in night parties and wedding parties.

It's a gown in open shirt styles. The embroidery work is very fancy and touchy for modern girls for parties and   weddings. Mostly young girls preferred these types of dress styles.

This gown in in round shape with beautiful floral pink embroidery. The dresses is giving stunning impresses with modern and stylish floral work on the dresses. 

The house of Zunn has been around for a decade now, but Uzma Mirza and Sheema Sherazee have just decided to come into the spotlight. Zunn, (which means Woman in Persian) is their brand ethos in ever sense of the word.
Now a days in sparkle parties (Means fancy parties) these types of embroidered dresses are highly preferred.  Here we are going to best embroidered dress of best embroidered dress designer. These shining and sparkling dresses are giving good impression in gorgeous designs. 

All these sparkling embroidered dresses include traditional salwar kameez with fancy look, long kurti, Kaftans, umbrella frocks, western and baggy dresses with modern styles.

Theirs are feminine, traditional clothes with fone work and detailing. The House of Zunn also has it’s own handlooms. So while they do use Chinese silk and georgettes which are sourced from elsewhere, each piece also incorporates fabric from their own looms. They also use every kind clothes, dabka, marori, salma, sitara, swarovski crystals, staying true to the Pakistani woman’s love to sparkle and shine. The house of Zunn brings on the bling-tastefully. By Instep Style Magazine, Model: Nadia Hussain, Photo Grapher: Rizwan Ul Haq, Hair & Makeup: Nigahat Misbah @ Depliex.

Saree is cultural dress of India so in Saree Design collection India is Leading Saree manufacturing country and always introduced superb Saree collections every year. Saree dress is not only wears as home cultural dress in India but also introduced different categories of sarees like wedding sarees, Formal sarees, Eid Saree, Valentine Sarees and many other events. In different events girls preferred fancy, embroidered and sparkling Saree designs. Here we are going to share some fabulous Indian Saree collection 2010- 2011

It may be a Indian Anarkali Saree in 2010 design collection. Dotted Sarees are also Indian cultural old fashion  but here the Indian Saree Designer gives some stylish look with gotta lace patti. Indian Anarkali Dresses are always recognize with Anakrkali Neckline. This Anarkali Saree Blouse in wide square neck-line is looking beautiful.

It's a sparkling Indian saree in shoulder-less blouse. This is decorated with beautiful contrast floral designs. These types of Indian sarees are mostly wore at Indian wedding function. This Fancy saree with beautiful shoulder-less blouse is designed according to the current fashion 2010.2011.

Vee Neckline blouse is one of the trendy blouse style in Indian Saree collection 2010-2011 which is becoming most adoptable fashion in India. These types of sarees are mostly wearing as formal dress. The saree pattern is following the traditional Mughal culture.

It's a Fancy saree style for wedding and Eid Events. This saree contain traditional colors of India. These types of sharp and dark colors are wearing in parties.

Bridal dresses has its own grace. This bridal lehnga may also in form of saree with beautiful embroideries. The Maroon color is highly appreciate as a bridal dress. This Lehnga is in traditional straight line style with short blouse and a stylish pallu.

These types of Indian Sarees are mostly wore by Indian mature girls (Strong age girls) as party wear. The neckline of blouse and saree colors are designed according to the latest Indian Cultural trend.

Indian transparent saree culture is introduced by Indian celebrities and ever seen in celebrity parties. This transparent Saree may also designed by following the celebrity Saree fashion. The saree has multi-color designs mostly in black and maroon. This design is a pure Indian traditional culture
Disclaimer: All these designs are taken from a fashion blog. you can contact us regarding any copyright issue.

Sana Safinaz is a unique brand name of Pakistani Fashion Industry. Sana Safinaz gains very wide range of fans and loyal customers in very short period of time. Sana Hashwani and Safinaz are the marvelous creative minds, not only built beautiful designs for 2010 & 2011 but the patterns and outfits. Their effort has made fame because they have brought different patterns that suit so well on every on. Sana Safinaz now launch Sana Safinaz Lawn, the most anticipated collection of the year – the ‘coolest‘for the hottest season of 2010-2011.

This is a beautiful black and white combination from Sana Safinaz Lawn Collection 2010-2011. The pattern is just awesome and fit for this season. Scattered spots theme in black and white always appreciates, but here Sana Safinaz made a little change and scattered black spots on white background randomly. The Kameez is in shoulder less outfit, while salwar is like a trouser.

Red color is always dominating and looks stunning. Loose shoulder less semi frock with tight churidar pajama’s always be the part of summer season, and a community always wears such dress as a casual wear. One can wear this Sana Safinaz Lawn dress as a party wear. Shoulder less pattern is cool and the design is really simple but awesome.

Light pink color lawn print with thin embroidery in a light color looks amazing. The specialty of this dress lies in its style and outfit. Once again the shoulder less neck style is here, but here Sana Safinaz use a ribbon rounded through neck and holds the Kameez. This theme is really elegant. The design of embroidery is also beautiful.

The same technique but again the color combination is superb. Use of strip to develop neck style is also splendid. Style of the dress suits with color combination and design. These types of designs are bests for summer parties.

Same outfit pattern but the theme of design of kameez is different this time. Sana Safinaz use large beautiful flowers to develop the design. Pink color stunning with orange and the pink strip at doppata looks fabulous. Sana Safinaz introduced a huge variety of neck line which are designed according to modern and upcoming trend. Mostly neck designs are following the western culture which are now highly appreciate now a days.

Full Sleeve Lawn traditional kameez with collar and cuff style having V shape neck is here. Sana Safinaz use thread and motif as accessories to develop some style and design at (Ban) collar. V shape neck style on traditional outfit looking smart, and the use of buttons also very cool.

Once again shoulder fewer patterns for hot summer season Sana Safinaz use. This casual kurti is just awesome and the design is also very beautiful. Use of strip at bust to make neck style is traditional but still in fashion and Sana Safinaz brings this to the audience in a different and stylish way. Design consists of little and tiny flowers. The embroidery with white thread on dopatta is also looking cool. The color combination of this Sana Safinaz Lawn three piece dress is just amazing and beautiful.

Most of the designers do not use multi color designs for casual dressing, but Sana Safinaz made this best.  Casual semi frock is just attractive and the style is looking elegant. Large V shape neck style have strip along it. The design of kameez consists of tiny flowers in different colors and looks cool.

Sana Safinaz focuses mainly on the outfits and especially on neck and sleeve style. Where they use sleeve less theme they use shoulder less, and where they don’t, they use beautiful styles of neck. The following Sana Safinaz Lawn dress is really amazing, the color combination, the pattern and the style all are beautiful and wealthy. They did awesome job and made the best. White floral design and white lace on border of the kameez looks elegant.

Outstanding shoulder less neck style with beautiful cuts is here. Thread work is being used to develop neck style. Blue and white color combination always gives outstanding and fabulous look. The design of doppata is also awesome.

It's a sparkling shoulder-less semi-formal frock of Sana Safinaz lawn, may specially designed for evening parties. Mostly green color is used in summer collections that's why this dresses is looking prominent in floral green color. The dress have beautiful dupatta in lawn fabric.

This lawn dress is also following the a bit touch of western culture. The neck in churi style and floral pattern is looking gorgeous. Sana Safinaz is continusly improving it's outfit designs and might be possible he may introduce the best lawn designs of Sana Safinaz in 2011.

Gul Ahmed is one of the leading company which always introduced latest dresses designs according to the trend or fashion. All these dresses are taken from Gul Ahmed 2nd volume.  In Gul Ahmed Fashion Magazine Volume 2, GulAhmed tries to show latest designs of Open-Shirt Dresses, Gown-Dresses, Umbrella-Frocks and Long Kurti. Instead of Patiala Salwar and Churidar pajama Gul-Ahmed Designs show interests of the fashion in baggy and stylish trousers.

It’s a Gul Ahmed Stylish Gown in lawn fabrics with sleeveless style. This gown has beautiful designs of ribbon at neckline and looking gorgeous with trouser salwar. Gul-Ahmed dresses are incomplete without dupatta. Gown dresses are highly appreciated in weddings, night parties or any summer vocational functions.

Swiss Voile
Exude effortless glamour in luscious shades & experience elegance like never becore….
As trend changes time by time, now a day’s according to latest trend, instead of short and fitted kurti long kurtis are highly appreciated. Modish girls preferred long stylish long kurti and specially Gul-Ahmed long kurti. This long kurti kameez have cultural floral designs and have beautiful neck-line (Galla Designs). Long-kurti or kurti in long style always give stunning impression in full-sleeves. This long kurti have trouser salwar and a dazzling dupatta which have beautiful lace border.

Indulge in the hues of serenity…
It’s a Gul Ahmed long frock in floral pink color. This gown has collar bane neck-line with beautiful belt style blow the bust of the frock. Frock have baggy trouser with net dupatta designs.

Enthralling Lace….
Long classy Gul Ahmed kurti in sleeve-less style. This stylish long kurti have SINDHI AJRAK patterns on Kameez and dupatta. This kurti have enthralling lace design on neck and have trouser salwar. These types of dresses are mostly wearing at vocational parties or any casual parties.

The Ultimate Style of open shirt and trouser salwar. This open shirt have graceful neck-line in vee shape and have dupatta in ring style.The trouser of open-shirt lawn dress is in flapper toucer (Tide and loose style). The trouser fashion is old but again likes with some modification. The dress style also following the Chinese culture, like kurti cut style and may prefer as college wear dress.

Classic Appeal
Feminine, Elegant and Eternal, GulAhmed brings you the latest from our prime Lace Collection, Experience Style like never before. Sleeve-less chic dress for teen-age girls have a good combination of white background and blue floral designs. The Long Gown with modish jeans pant has beautiful neck line. This GulAhmed teen age gown dress can also wear for college fashion and casual fashion.

The sleeve-less gul ahmed dress in OPEN SHIRT DESIGN have Mughal Culture style for night party wear. This dress have well work of lace on neck and kameez.

Have a flair for dramatic this season…
As Gul-Ahmed introduced a huge variety of new dresses in different and new styles which are never seen before That’s why frocks are one on them. The frock is old fashion but GulAhmed revised due to demand of chic girls. 

The Sparkle of the season… It’s Short, fitted but long in length with floral designs. This GulAhmed Ladies kurti is sleeveless and have trouser salwar. These types of kurti are mostly worn as casual or shopping party. And mostly Girls are even seen in these types of dresses for window shopping for casual shopping wear.

Sparkling Glamorous Style…. It’s a latest design of umbrella frock. In this latest umbrella frock designs, the designer used prominent textures with a little work of floral style,  This umbrella frock have rough (Casual, Stylish) cut style. The trouser salwar is in this dress is extra ordinary wide. This wide trouser salwar is looking attractive with this dress. It’s a type of funky dresses. These types of funky dresses are mostly wear at fancy parties.

G Woman Printed Chiffon
Reptile Prints: Have take on a whole new meaning & they are set to piping hot for summer, Invent in this stunner now & stay on a style-high all year long!
Embrace on your feral side with animal prints on french chiffon; accented with embellishments & satin details. 

Flabulous Fashion
With the summer season taking over in full force, it’s never been a better time to done a new silhouette. Spritz yourself with refreshing new vibe & get the best of spring in your step with subtle hues & lavish embellishments. With so many exclusive designs to flatter you, you will be spoilt for choice...
It’s a gown style like a KAFTAN and always look gorgeous with jeans pant for party wear.

What’s Hot now… Funky dresses style for funky parties, stylish or Young parties,  Round shape like Egyptian culture and have beautiful floral design on this frock.

Prior to this post She9 team put “Indian Sarees Trend For Parties” on the board. In Indian culture parties trend has been groomed in last decade rapidly and the participation of girls has improved now. Girls are very choosy and touchy for their dresses and always like to wear extraordinary and different. Indian Sarees are the most famous cultural dress in India, so girls always like to wear Indian Saree at every occasion.
Night parties demand dull glossy colors, because lights increases shine effects of the dress. Here we will presents some new stuff related to Indian Sarees for Night Parties.
Indian printed sarees are gorgeous and demanding. Built-in machine prints have beautiful themes and colors and girls like such Saree Fashion.

This mustered color printed Indian Saree is perfect for winter night parties. Saree pallu has beautiful flowerer design with beautiful strip at border. The blouse is in short half sleeve pattern having huge round neck style, which is common in India.

Beautiful and simple Indian printed saree is front of you. Green color printing on black color fabric gives gorgeous impression. The design is also awesome and it is perfect Night Parties dress. Short half sleeve blouse with square neck style is good.

Rich colored printed Sari also in fashion now days and this is one of them. Flowerer design in black color, on light orange color fabric is looking marvelous. Fish Tail Saree pattern is also in fashion. The use of shiny strip at borders of Saree Pallu and at the blouse is very common now days. 

Shoulder less short sleeve blouse with large V shape neck style having western touch within it, is very common for summer night parties dress. This spotted pattern of printed design with grey color combination is simply awesome and great. The fabric is light weight and fit for summer wears.

Indian Sarees are in fashion with the little change in simplicity. Designers use simple blouse with latest pattern and add some embroidered work at the edge of saree pallu that looks amazing and marvelous.
This multicolor saree with same pattern have beautiful embroidered work on it that’s amazing and cool.

Beautiful western blouse shoulder less pattern in black and red color is hot for night parties. Beautiful spotted design with black rays on the fabric gives lasting impression and makes this Indian Saree marvelous. The edge of saree pallu has simple flowerer embroidery in same black color.

Silk sarees are also being used now days. Black simple printed Indian silk saree is front of you. The design is great having collar shape blouse in simple black color. Indian Silk sarees in black color can be used for night parties.

This Indian multicolor silk saree is perfect for night wedding parties. Glamorous blouse with stylish Saree pallu. Saree Pallu has waves of different colored fabric with a little touch of embroidery work

Simple red color saree with narrow V shape neck style is front of you.  The edge of saree pallu has embroidery work which is amazing. Saree Pallu also has flowerer series all over.

Indian Sarees facing innovative age and designers use different techniques to build more stylish and more attractive designs. Indian Sarees with stylish blouse is here. The entire blouses has different stylish designs and color combination.
Shoulder fewer blouses with large V shape pattern having long shape extended below. Beautiful blouse in pink color with stylish embroidered Saree pallu is perfect for Indian night wedding parties.

The beauty of this Indian Saree lies in blouse entirely. The blouse has collar style with leaf style V shape neck prototype, outlined with embroidered fabric. The blouse is in shoulder less style and below the bust embroidery work is being done. A large flower is being fetched right at the center of the blouse which gives fabulous impression. This would be the bridal Saree for wedding parties.

Stylish blouse have rich embroidery and thread work on the blouse with shoulder less prototype. Fish tail saree style is looking marvelous. Beautiful embroidery work on Saree pallu also makes this perfect wedding party dress. The color is also superb, but the design is amazing and fabulous
All these dress collection is taken from from its Party Sensation Saree Collection. She9 take these pictures to show latest Saree trend for night party wear.

After getting achievements in Gul Ahmed 2010 collection of Vol 1, He Launched Gul Ahmed Vol 2 for 2010 and 2011 in his summer Collections. In latest summer collection of Issue 2 Gul Ahmed Introduced his new brands like Rosaire, Aster, Prima Lace, Embroidered Lawn Collection, Kyra, Single Print, Aryana, Chiang Mai, Zulu Art and Ombre. Gul Ahmed is designed are appreciated not only in Pakistan but also in all over the world just because of it's quality fabrics, innovation in designs and latest styles according to the fashion.

Fresh Femininity
Gorgeous florals in soft sorbet & champagne hues fuse together on a magical canvas of black....
In Gul Ahmed Aster 2nd issue This dress with black background have printed floral and leaf work giving freshness for hot summer. This dress in sleeveless and Vee neck style have net dupatta and can be wear in evening college parties.

As Gul Ahmed always stay in touch with modern fashion and upcoming trend, he always introduce huge variety of fashion series like open shirt, trouser kurti and in Lawn Vol 2 he introduced umbrella frock with churidar pajama. This Dress in round umbrella frock have jhalar lace patti. This GulAhmed umbrella frock have western neck style and have beautiful printed dupatta.

The Luxurious symbol of style....
The dress in 2nd vol of Gul Ahmed have check style with sleeveless long kurti have Vee style neck looking gorgeous with purple trouser salwar.

Luxurious Revelry
Banish summer blue with our brand new Broche de Chiffons in scintillating shades that add a fresh twist to your wardrobe.
This Gul Ahmed dress in floral touch have umbrella frock with sleeveless style looking stunning with straight trouser salwar. The Lace border at bottom area and neck showing cultural effects.

The New Look
This season's fabulous fashion indulge mesmerizing hues with our premium Broche Collection where soft, hazy chiffons are enhanced with a pulsating ray of colors that define summer perfection.
The Distinct style with GulAhmed's unique designs and a luscious array of hues get in sync with your fashionable side. This dress have Long kurti in floral printed style with balochi wide trouser. 

This is simplest design of Gul Ahmed in 2010- 2011 Collection of 2nd issue. This Dress in white background have light-blue floral design of sleeve-less umbrella long frock for casual and college wear.

Get Gorgeous
Envelope yourself in sumptuous scarlet hues with contemporary floral motifs in a unique, brush-stock detail..
This Gul Ahmed dress of Vol 2 have glamorous attraction in red and white color combination. Gul Ahmed may designed this dress for night summer parties.

Dramatic Designs
Aster Organza Its all you need for perfection this season..
This Gul Ahmed Dress in shoulder-less style have colorful floral designs for street fashion and party wear.

One-shoulder long kurti have trouser salwar. This dress have floral pattern and designs according to the summer fashion 2010-11.

Simplicity possess power to attract others within itself. Salwar Kameez is a formal dress of South Asia, both men and women wears this dress. In Salwar Kameez fashion you can develop large number of varieties of designs and patterns. Indian designs and techniques to stitch Salwar Kameez are so famous vague and women mostly use such designs. Light colors are so demanding in summer season 2010, as the summer season at its peak so we are here with some new and beautiful design and prototypes of Indian Salwar Kameez.
Cotton fabric is most demanding fabric for summer season and here all the dresses are of cotton fabric.

Three piece suits (Salwar, Kameez and Doppatta) are well formed types of clothing here in South Asia. Mostly designing held on Kameez and lightly on Salwar. Shoulder less kameez pattern with strips to hold kurti is most famous pattern of summer season. Beautiful design with gorgeous Indian stylish pattern is looking amazing. Light green Kameez with white Salwar with jaalidar doppatta builds a pure Indian color combination. Use of strip and Lace both on Salwar and Kameez in a beautiful manner gives attractive look. The neck style has unique style with square pattern.

Beautiful short kurti with open coat style is looking marvelous. The border of kameez is nourished with same color floral style Lace. V shape neck style with short sleeves is so demanding with short kurti gives comfort to wear. Lace is also being used at Shalwar bottom, the Salwar is in simple casual classic pattern.

Full Sleeve Kameez with V shape neck style having old pattern is also famous in India now days and is in fashion. Lace is being used at cuffs, border of kameez and at the bottom of Salwar. Floral designing on pink color fabric with the use of same color Lace giving marvelous effects. The dress is purely for evening party wears.

Short and tight kurti with Chooridar Salwar is another combination in Vague of Indian salwar Kameez. Short Kurti with short Chalks, having short sleeve while the neck style have large round style gives totally casual look and it can be used casually in this summer season.

Simple and loose formal Indian Salwar Kameez pattern is always on the way. Girls always like such pattern in summer season because this gives comfort. Both of upcoming dresses have full sleeve Kameez, with simple V shape neck style, while the Salwar also in casual style, both Salwar and Kameez having use of Lace and some thread work on Kameez presents the thought of designer in a simple and beautiful way. The Excellent  Indian Salwar Kameez pattern it is.

Women always like simplicity in clothing with a little touch of latest fashion. In this Indian Salwar kameez the neck style is modern and upto the season demand. Rest of the dress is stitched at same pattern and technique as discussed above. The use of pink strip to build neck style is such a great work in this Indain Salwar Kameez.

The dress has same pattern and same style but the difference with fabric, color and the built in style. It is basically the color for winter but one can wear this at evening in the summer season too.

Shoulder less Kurti with stylish chooridar Sslawar is front of you. One can wear this in a wedding party, and the bridals can also wears that dress. The use of Fancy thread on the Salwar, and the use of Fancy motif, and Lace on the bust, and border of Kameez is looking marvelous and shiny. Bra type neck style gives to this Indian Salwar Kameez a modern and fancy look.

Black color always being liked and always be the most demanding color in all seasons. Black and white color combination to build design is so famous and handy to build attractive patterns with the designs of shapes and patterns. This Sleeveless short kurti in black and white floral and leaf style looking fabulous. The neck style is also upto the demand having large V shape. The Salwar has unique style which is very common now days having zig zag use of strip stitched over the fabric of Salwar looking great.
All the Indian Salwar Kameez styles and patterns are for summer season, stitch them, wear them and enjoy your summer season with these new Indian Salwar Kameez designs. All these dresses are taken from from its latest summer collection.